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Short Stories From A Long Continent

The Americas Overland

Short Stories From A Long Continent is about interpreting paper maps; sensing the cold rush of air before dawn; sipping a cool beer after a long road; relishing the warmth of a campfire; telling fables; delving into history; dismantling ceaseless routine; navigating the cultural divide; snatching moments of solitude; absorbing the soft light on the Altiplano; hearing coyotes howling at dawn; observing bears ambling on a distant trail.

255mmx200mm, 181 pages and more than 100 colour photographs.

I have a few copies left. Please drop me a line if you would like one. The price is £10.00 plus post and packing costs.



City of Myths, River of Dreams


‘No matter where I turned the reading was equally grim – Daniel Houghton: murdered as he begged water from a well near Simbing; Mungo Park: overcome by paranoia and slaughtered at the Bussa rapids; Gordon Laing: strangled and beheaded outside Timbuktu; Richard Lander: sent temporarily insane and forced to consume a calabash of bubbling poison. Even the pioneering aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, had to save his pilots from being pegged out in the desert by hostile Bedouin tribes.

I plucked the glasses from my nose – did I really want to drive through West Africa, I asked myself?’

In our Toyota 4x4 Christine and I and two friends headed overland to Timbuktu and the 2009 Festival in the Desert. We followed in the footsteps of my heroes, the eighteenth and nineteenth century explorers. On the way, I lost my passport in the sand, ruptured the vehicle’s fuel tank, had to fortify the suspension with a pair of flip-flops and wondered if, in the intervening years, West Africa had become any more hospitable. In Mali, kidnappings and rebel attacks were a portent of the conflict to come.

An electronic version of City Of Myths, River of Dreams is a available on Kindle. If you’re struggling to get a hard copy I have a limited number left priced at £8.99 plus packaging. Please drop me a line if you are interested in buying one.



Why Do Goats Climb Trees?

A Traveller's Tales of Africa

Combining the allure of Africa and a bent for storytelling, Why Do Goats Climb Trees? is an eclectic blend of short stories about travel, adventure and a slim chance of enlightenment.

Had you any idea there’s a camel wandering the Sahara called Jimmy Hendrix? Have you ever turned up uninvited to a Famadihana? What would you do if you were attacked by the masseur in a Moroccan hammam? Did you know Kaang, the creator of the African Bushman, made the world from an old shoe? Have you ever come face to face with an old, crusty guerba?