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Latitude14 is a website about overland travel.

In this fast-moving world, too often our journeys are simply a race from Point A to Point B. At such speed how can we ever know who or what exists along the way? From time to time, we should endeavour to slow the ticking clock, to voyage beyond the blur, to think of nothing more than the journey as being our object. We should, at least, allow ourselves a moment to explore the places in between. 

Formerly the director of a family company managing a fleet of offshore survey ships, at the turn of the Millennium I cut loose to pursue my love of travel. I first caught the overland bug way back in 1988, when I ventured into Southern Algeria’s Hoggar Mountains in my Land Rover Defender 110. It was to be the trigger for a number of subsequent trips. In fact, Africa has often featured in my travels and my writing. To date, my overland travels, by both 4x4 and motorcycle, have covered some 170,000 kilometres. 

In 2017, Christine and I completed our longest overland journey yet, from the southern shores of Argentina, to Inuvik, in northern Canada. My new book, Short Stories From A Long Continent - The Americas Overland, recounts our journey along one of the world’s classic overland routes. For more information please take a look at the BOOKS page of this website.

From time to time I’ll be updating the ARTICLES page with fresh stories, so be sure to check it out. After you’ve had a look round, why not venture over to the Latitude14 Facebook page, where I’m developing a photo gallery entitled “Overlanding - images from the road”. To get there, click the Facebook icon at the top right of the header.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the website. And perhaps we’ll meet out on the road. 

Safe travels, James Marr